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The dryer is used in most homes several times per week, and more often in some homes depending on the size of the household.

So if your dryer has stopped working, you likely need a solution fast. Luckily we can help.

Our troop of local licensed technicians is able to arrive to your home on the next available appointment slot you choose. We service dryer repair in Escondido CA and areas beyond. You can count on our rapid delivery of washer repair service.

We'll get your household back on track as quickly as we can. Let us resolve your dryer repair problems; we'd be glad to help you out.

We assess and provide all types of dryer repair services. Whether you are looking for general dryer maintenance, replacement of dryer parts, diagnosing dryer repair issues, or all other cheap dryer repair service, we can help.

We service all makes and models of dryers, no matter how young or old your appliance may be. We are proud to offer outstanding, professional dryer repair service.

Contact us today for your dryer repair or dryer parts in Escondido CA, or neighboring cities. Get that dryer repaired by us today, and wash your laundry problems away.

Helpful tip

The blower wheel in your dryer is susceptible to damage. If it becomes faulty it could cause overheating or other issues. The most common cause of excessive wear to the blower wheel is clothing and balls of lint escaping the lint trap and falling down into the machine. Many people fail to clean their trap in time and, as a result, a significant amount of contents can fall down and get stuck in the blower wheel. Stay on top of your lint by emptying the trap before every load and never run your machine without the trap in place.

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