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If you are experiencing garbage disposal repair issues or need garbage disposal parts, don't hesitate any longer, contact us right away! It is our goal to provide outstanding garbage disposal service to all of our customers on every service call. We specialize in replacing garbage disposal parts, diagnosing garbage disposal issues, regular disposal maintenance, and garbage disposal repair in Escondido, CA. We have experience in performing garbage disposal repair service on all brands and models of garbage disposals, no matter how long you have had your appliance for. It would be our please to have you join our history of satisfied and lifelong customers.

We know firsthand just how inconvenient a stopped up kitchen sink can be. It makes it difficult to prepare meals and wash dishes from the comfort of your own home.
It also makes for a messy and unsightly kitchen. If this sounds like what you are experiencing at the moment, contact us today.
We urge you to not take matters into your own hands by attempting to perform the garbage disposal repairs yourself. It can be dangerous to your safety and you may also risk making matters worse.
If you're in need of garbage disposal repair service or garbage disposal parts in Escondido, CA, contact us as soon as possible. Our licensed technicians look forward to eliminating your garbage disposal repairs and aim to have them completed quickly, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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Do you know that according to the latest report from U.S. appliance industry average life expectancy of a disposal is between 10-15 years averaging at 13 years? Please consider carefully if a disposal can be saved or its time is up. The best way to ensure your disposal has a long, healthy life is to perform regular maintenance and have them checked periodically by an appliance repair expert.

Did you know?

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KitchenAid Disposal Does Not Grind or Drain
Broan Disposal Grinds Poorly, Leaks or Is Noisy
GE garbage disposal makes humming noise

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